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The technologies, architectures, and practices needed to manage data as a critical enterprise asset. It is a broad field, within which there are specialized disciplines.

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  • Preparing for the Cloud Data Platform

    Learn how to successfully use cloud data platforms. We’ll define the options and explore the relationships among cloud providers, multicloud, cloud data platforms, cloud data warehouses, and cloud data lakes and the real-world use cases and infrastructure roles for cloud data platforms. June 23, 2020 view now

  • Data Management for Advanced Analytics

    Learn about the business and technology trends and business use cases driving the need for data management for advanced analytics. We’ll examine benefits and barriers, plus how these affect user planning and tool choice as well as tool and platform requirements for common use cases. June 17, 2020 view now

  • Modernizing Data Management and Analytics in the Cloud to Support New Business Strategies

    Sign up to attend the free Virtual Solution Spotlight webinar and learn about how and why successful organizations are modernizing infrastructure and solutions for IT, analytics, data management, cloud data warehouses, data lakes, architecture, and more. June 16, 2020 view now

  • Six Critical Capabilities of a Logical Data Fabric

    This webinar discusses important capabilities of the logical data fabric to deal with modern data management and analytics efforts, including data analyst enablement across the hybrid and multicloud data landscape and techniques for seamless real-time data integration there. June 4, 2020 view now

  • Want to Make Augmented Analytics and BI Available to Everyone? Tips to Do This Easier and Faster

    Learn about the current state of analytical environments and how innovative technology can be used to solve the adoption problem companies face. We’ll offer tips about a self-service environments and how augmented analytics can make analytics results easier and more accessible. June 2, 2020 view now

  • Cross-Cloud Data Replication Strategies for Multicloud Regions

    Learn how to establish cross-cloud data replication to better work with data assets spread across multiple cloud regions for cloud data warehouses and data lakes. We’ll include tips for data security, privacy, and governance during replication and explore trends for improving data replication. May 28, 2020 view now

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