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Reducing Time to Insight with Kevin Bohan

How can improving data management result in faster data access and sharper insights?

Data Decentralized: Empowering Teams with a Data Mesh Approach

Why forward-thinking organizations are turning to a data mesh architecture.

How a Universal Semantic Layer Enables Consistent Answers to Business Questions

The proliferation of data models and business logic across different tools has become problematic. The beauty of a universal semantic layer is that it supports many data sources and many BI systems and data applications so teams can continue to use their preferred tools.

Data Security Posture Management in the Education Sector: What You Need to Know

Data security posture management is an approach that can help you secure sensitive data in the education sector -- or any industry that handles large amounts of personal data.

Data Digest: Mitigating AI Risks

New EU regulations for AI, tactics for addressing biased AI, and the need for better data quality for AI systems.

How to Eliminate Data Silos in Start-Ups

Navigating the challenges of data silos is paramount for start-ups aiming at seamless scalability. This guide draws inspiration from professional experience and case studies, offering start-up leaders a comprehensive step-by-step strategy to eliminate silos.

Modernizing Data Management with Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez, data evangelist with InfoAdvisors, discusses modernizing data management practices, including the biggest challenges organizations face and the expanding role of data governance.

Data Digest: Modern Data Governance

Implementing successful governance programs and governing data for AI.

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