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  • Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 20, No. 3

      When you face a problem, do you look for innovative solutions? Do you look for new ways to think about an issue, think about new methods or technologies, or consider new approaches to getting the work done? Download this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal to examine several innovative ways to tackle problems and look at some of the innovation solutions that may help you solve some of the BI user’s biggest problems. 09/14/2015

  • 2015 BI Benchmark Report: Organizational and Performance Metrics for Business Intelligence Teams

     TDWI’s annual BI Benchmark Report enables business intelligence (BI) teams to compare themselves to their peers on a series of organizational and performance metrics. The 2015 BI Benchmark Report is based on a Web survey of 259 BI professionals conducted worldwide in spring and early summer 2015. 09/04/2015

  • Ten Mistakes to Avoid In Predictive Analytics Efforts


    By Fern Halper

    TDWI research indicates that predictive analytics is one of the most popular kinds of advanced analytics. Although many companies are excited about the possibility of utilizing predictive analytics, there are a number of interrelated themes about what not to do when it comes to predictive analytics projects.


  • Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 20, No. 2

      It’s rare to be faced with a black or white, either/or choice. So it is, too, in this issue issue’s Experts’ Perspective column. Download the issue for our experts' varied approaches to a problem. Plus, examine the role of BI director; explore data warehouse design for big data; and read several use cases for big data analytics. In addition, Barry Devlin takes a new look at conceptual- and logical-level architectures. 06/15/2015