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TDWI Ask the Expert Webinars

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Ask the Expert: Demystifying Semantics and Ontologies
TDWI Members Only

In this Ask the Expert webinar, Ted Hills will answer your questions about semantics and ontologies, explain the increasingly significant role they are playing in modern data architecture, and explain how you can get started in this fascinating and value-rich field.

Ted Hills

Ask the Expert about the Role of Data Visualization on Data Validation
TDWI Members Only

In this Ask the Expert webinar, Andrew Cardno will answer your questions about the additional challenges of visualization of data streams that potentially contain unexpected values. In handling unexpected values, we need to consider presentation methods that are able to handle exceptions while still allowing the operators to understand the core datasets.

Andrew Cardno

Ask the Expert on The UX Guide to Analytics
TDWI Members Only

In this Ask the Expert webinar, Nick will lead attendees through a journey of what processes and methodologies the world’s leading analytics consulting firms use to maximize adoption, reduce risk and achieve business value through behavioral change. Nick will then answer any questions you have on how to leverage all or parts of the process into your own analytics processes.

Nicholas Kelly

Ask the Expert on the Roles and Construct of a Thriving Analytic Team
TDWI Members Only

Most organizations believe they will achieve better analytic results if they populate a deeper bench of experienced data scientists and machine learning practitioners. But this is akin to building a home exclusively with highly skilled framers, brick layers and cabinet makers. You’ll end up with a solid structure and great workmanship, but not a true functional home.

Keith McCormick

Ask the Expert on Determining the Economic Value of Data (EvD)
TDWI Members Only

Most organizations lack a road map for leveraging data and analytics to optimize key business processes, uncover new business opportunities or deliver a differentiated customer experience. They do not understand what’s possible with respect to integrating data and analytics into the business model. And the Internet of Things only exacerbates the volume and variety of data that organizations could be capturing.

Bill Schmarzo

Ask the Expert: Three Big Dilemmas of BI
TDWI Members Only

Most business intelligence (BI) systems were initially designed to support managed forms of reporting and simple analytics. Reports in these BI systems needed to be auditable, governable, tested, required high data quality, and so on. Now, however, organizations want to do more with their BI systems than reporting.

Rick van der Lans

Ask the Expert on Data Literacy
TDWI Members Only

Businesses of all types and sizes are becoming more and more defined by their data. As this happens, it is equally important to improve the ability of managers, staff and even the general public, to make decisions which are well-informed by an understanding of the data behind their choices. Data literacy is the ability to understand the nature of the data we work with, and the ways in which we can interpret and communicate through our use of this important resource.

Donald Farmer

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