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Onsite Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What courses do you offer?

    For a complete list of Onsite offerings including course descriptions, outlines, and previews of our course materials, see Our Courses.
  • Do you offer CBIP certification via Onsite Education? 

    Yes. We can bring training that includes CBIP Preparation courses and proctor the exams at your location. View CBIP Exam Preparation Packages for more information.
    *Laptops/Desktops are required for CBIP exams.*
  • What is the minimum number of attendees required to bring training onsite?

    There are no minimum class size requirements. If you have a team of five or more, Onsite Education may be a cost-effective way to train your team at your location on your timeline versus sending them to an offsite training event. 
  • How long are the courses?

    Courses range from one day to four days. Please see individual course descriptions for specific course durations. 
  • Can we schedule more than one day of training at a time?

    Yes. We are happy to provide multi-day or tracks of training depending on your needs. 
  • Can the course be tailored to our organization?

    Yes. The delivery of Onsite training may be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our instructor will work with you in advance to ensure the content is aligned with the audience and your objectives.
  • What type of training room and equipment is required for Onsite training?

    We require a training room or conference room with a screen and a projector for the instructor to project slides from his or her laptop. A flipchart or whiteboard is also desirable. 
  • Are laptops/computers required for the training?

    Many of our courses do not require a computer-based lap unless they are specifically labeled as “hands-on”. 
  • Who are your instructors?

    All TDWI Onsite instructors are current BI practitioners who bring their real-world experience to every class. Onsite instructors are members of TDWI’s education faculty and also teach at our Conference and Seminar events. To view our faculty, see our complete list of Instructors.
  • How much time is required for scheduling Onsite training?

    Once you specify your desired time frame, we will explore instructor availability and return with specific dates for your consideration.
  • What is the cost to bring Onsite training to my team?

    Pricing for Onsite Education is tiered based on class size and includes all course materials. Please contact Yvonne Baho at for more information.
  • What is the lead time required for scheduling Onsite training?

    Scheduling is done on your timeline. If you provide us with your desired time frame, we will explore instructor availability and return with specific dates for your consideration. 
  • Do you provide Onsite training outside of the U.S.?

    Yes. TDWI provides Onsite training worldwide.
  • Where are your onsite training centers located?

    TDWI does not have training centers. TDWI Onsite Education brings our instructors and training materials directly to your company location, where we train your team “on site.” For offsite training, we also offer courses at our TDWI Conferences and TDWI Seminars.
  • Do you offer online or e-learning courses?

    Yes. Please visit TDWI Online Learning for more information.
  • Can we purchase course materials in lieu of having an instructor onsite?

    No. TDWI does not sell course books independent of our training. 
  • Who can I contact for assistance with course selection?

    Yvonne Baho, Director of Enterprise Learning, is available to assist you with questions and curriculum design. You may contact her at or 978.582.7105.

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Yvonne Baho

Yvonne M. Baho Director, Enterprise Learning
Phone: 978.582.7105


"The instructor was very responsive to input from the class and adapted to meet the needs specific to our context. I especially appreciated the many case studies and focus on assessment."

S. Bessias UNC Healthcare

"Very good overall view of DW concepts and provided valuable insight for such a varied audience."

Jerry Bundt Nestle Purina

"This was the best training class I’ve had in my 20 year career."

Tim Grieb Seattle Children’s Hospital

"The instructor did an excellent job and demonstrated an understanding of real world applications."

Sean Dewulf Con-way Freight


Yvonne Baho Yvonne M. Baho
Director, Enterprise Learning
Phone: 978.582.7105
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