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TDWI Best Practices Awards: Recognition for Innovative Data and Analytics Implementations

It’s time to apply for a 2023 TDWI Best Practices Award

Have you completed a data management or analytics implementation that you think other organizations could learn from? Has one of your company’s projects produced stellar results or an innovation in the industry? Are you a vendor or consultant with successful customers who deserve recognition?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you should consider submitting an entry form for a TDWI Best Practices Award. Once a year, TDWI honors the most forward-thinking, ROI-generating, and industry-leading teams in the data management and analytics space.

Winners are chosen by a panel of independent judges who have expertise in the field. They select winners based on written entry forms and, if needed, follow-up interviews. Judges score entries on business value, maturity, innovation, and relevance to other organizations.

Applications for 2023 are now being accepted, so complete your entry form and submit it before the deadline of June 30, 2023!

2023 Award Categories

  • Analytics – including self-service, advanced analytics, and data science
  • Data Management Strategies

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To streamline the process, TDWI has reduced the number of questions on the entry form.

Download the Application Form

Selected Winners Will Receive

  • Recognition from TDWI, the data and analytics industry’s leading professional association with thousands of members worldwide.
  • An invitation to attend and be recognized at an award ceremony held at the TDWI Orlando conference in November.
  • A free pass to the conference where awards are presented.
  • A project summary page on TDWI’s website that contains links to the organization’s homepage (includes sponsor logo and website link, if applicable).
  • Recognition in TDWI press release about the Best Practices Awards.
  • Opportunity to speak at a TDWI conference or other events (at TDWI’s discretion).
  • Company name on signage at TDWI Orlando announcing Best Practices Awards winners.

Entrant Eligibility Requirements

Eligible entrants are any private or public company, government agency, or nonprofit organization that has implemented a data or analytics implementation to enhance organizational decision making or operations. Applicants may nominate themselves for this award or their solution vendor may nominate them. If you are a solution vendor, you may only nominate yourself if you are submitting an internal implementation that involves more than implementing your own product.

Organizations can apply for both categories, but must submit a separate entry form for each category, where each entry is tailored to its category. Companies that submitted entries in previous years (but were not chosen) may enter again, but entry forms must be updated for the current year and re-submitted. Winners from a previous year may submit an entry for a new or different data or analytics solution.

Judging Criteria

A team of judges comprised of TDWI staff and faculty members will evaluate the entries using the following criteria:

  1. Business Impact. What is the business value of the data or analytics initiative?
  2. Maturity. To what degree has the solution’s ‘vision’ been implemented? Has the solution been operating long enough to corroborate business impact and growth?
  3. Relevance. Does the data or analytics solution exemplify best practices that other companies can adopt?
  4. Innovation. Does the data or analytics solution use an innovative design or approach? Innovation can relate to technology, business, organization, methodology, and so on.


Best Practices Awards Winners. TDWI may declare multiple winners per category if multiple entries merit recognition. TDWI may also decline to declare a winner if the judges feel none of the entrants in that category represent a laudable best practice.

Tips for Successful Applications

  • Entries that have a high chance of winning will describe tangible business impact, especially in financial returns.
  • Entries will have a minimal chance of winning when they emphasize a sponsor’s product as a key attribute for success or have been in production for less than a year.
  • Answers to the entry form’s questions should be succinct, well-constructed, comprehensive, and logical, with enough detail to adequately define the project. Extremely long or extremely short submissions are always more difficult to judge.
  • Limit the number of attachments you submit with your entry to those that clearly illustrate a major point you are trying to make. Avoid using overly complex architectural diagrams.
  • Send your completed entry form and supporting diagrams in one email to ensure that they stay together through the judging process.
  • Thoroughly fill out all contact information on the first page of the entry form and note which category the application is for.
  • Be sure to sign the first page of the application where indicated and send to [email protected]. You will receive a return email confirming receipt once the application has been reviewed and entered.

How to Apply

Key Dates

  • June 30, 2023 - Applications Due - FINAL DEADLINE. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • October 9, 2023 - Best Practices Award winners announced.

Rules of Entry

  1. You must submit your entry form via email to [email protected].
  2. Individual companies may nominate themselves in up to two categories. Instead of submitting exactly the same entry, however, it’s best to create a tailored version for each category.
  3. Prior year's winners may apply if they submit a new entry form for a new or significantly enhanced project.

Special Note to Solution Sponsors

  • You may submit a maximum of six entries in total on behalf of customers. For example, you can submit entries for three customers in two categories each, six customers in one category each, or any combination of customers and categories.
  • If your nominated customer is chosen as a winner, you will be recognized as a Best Practices Solution Sponsor.
  • Winning solution sponsors receive a Best Practices award trophy and a Best Practices logo for use on their website and in print materials, and mention on the TDWI website (including logo on winner’s page), press release, and various TDWI publications.


If you have any questions about the TDWI Best Practices program, please contact [email protected].