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Introduction to Machine Learning

Duration: One Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Machine learning encompasses many skills and disciplines. Identifying the problem, choosing the modeling approach, selecting the correct features to model, and evaluating the result are at the heart of machine learning. The tendency, however, is to focus primarily on the technology rather than the process. Join us for a problem-focused, applied experience where you learn to apply machine learning processes to produce meaningful and valuable insights.

You Will Learn

  • What machine learning is
  • To understand and classify different types of machine learning problems
  • To discern the characteristics of common machine learning scenarios
  • To outline which problems are suited to which machine learning models
  • To match machine learning problems to the best-fit models to solve them
  • Examples that walk through how to apply different aspects of the machine learning process

Geared To

  • Those looking for a foundational course on machine learning
  • New analysts and data scientists

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