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The Data Science Gender Pay Gap Is Shrinking, a New Study Finds

A new report from Harnham has found the gender pay gap within the industry has shrunk from 9.4% to 8.4% over the past year.

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A new report, based on a survey of 1,500 U.S. data and analytics professionals, has found the gender pay gap within the industry has shrunk from 9.4% to 8.4% over the past year.

As discussed in “Harnham’s US Data & Analytics Diversity Report 2020,” the gap is almost half the size of the US average (15%) and representative of an industry drastically looking to improve levels of diversity. However, there is still work to be done as seniority increases, with the gap rising to 11% at VP level and above. 

Additionally, the industry itself remains incredibly male dominated with only 23% of roles filled by women, a figure that falls to just 13% at VP level.

The new report also finds that the data and analytics market is more racially diverse than the U.S. as a whole, with only 44% of roles filled by Caucasian professionals compared to 62% of the U.S. population and Asian Americans accounting for 21% of the industry. However, African American and Hispanic/Latino professionals are particularly underrepresented, accounting for just 3% and 6% of the industry respectively. 

Harnham has produced three diversity reports for the data and analytics market, covering the U.S., U.K. and Europe. In addition to covering the industry makeup, the guides examine age dynamics and the employee benefits divide. All three reports are available to download from

Harnham, a global leader in data and analytics recruitment, was founded in 2006 and now employs 150 people across four offices globally. Find out more at

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