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Latest InfluxCloud Release Introduces Enhanced Security, Faster Onboarding, and Expanded Global Region Support

Updated SaaS offering adds features that support redundancy, security, and compliance needs.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

InfluxData, the open source platform built specifically for metrics, events, and other time series data, has released an update to InfluxCloud that allows developers across the globe to take full advantage of the capabilities of InfluxData, including new security, expanded global region support, and faster onboarding.

InfluxCloud is a secure, fully managed database-as-a-service hosted and managed by InfluxData, offering all the features of the InfluxData platform. Its new release delivers expanded support for multiple users and organizations, providing for true separation of administrative duties for visualizing and exploring metrics and event and IoT data. The multiuser support allows a single hosted solution to be available to larger teams while ensuring that only specific data is accessible to each authorized team member, allowing user-specific dashboards for broader cross-organization usage.

Kapacitor is included with every subscription of the new InfluxCloud release, allowing users to create up to 25 alert definitions with more capacity available based on user demand. Kapacitor is a real-time streaming data processing engine that lets developers plug in custom logic or user-defined functions to process alerts with dynamic thresholds, match metrics for patterns, compute statistical anomalies, and perform specific actions based on these alerts, such as dynamic load rebalancing. This new release provides developers with a new script editor to create more sophisticated alert definitions and allows access to the underlying log information to assist with debugging these scripts. Developers can quickly set up and route alerts using tools such as Alerta, HipChat, PagerDuty, Sensu, Slack, VictorOps, and more. 

In addition, the new release of InfluxCloud has added support for key regions in Asia. Support has already existed across North America and Europe. Companies can now store their mission-critical metrics and events collected from their systems into different regions to provide isolation and a degree of failure independence, and run their instance closer to their other organizational data.

Also as part of this update, prebuilt dashboards allow customers to co-monitor the health of their InfluxCloud instance. Although 24/7 monitoring by InfluxData is provided as part of the subscription, this new release provides customers with enhanced visibility into how changes in workloads impact their subscriptions, such as the need to purchase additional storage or the need to increase resources.

The InfluxData Platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to accumulate metrics and events data, analyze the data, and act on the data via powerful visualizations and notifications. InfluxData’s unique features enable customers to quickly build:

  • Monitoring, alerting, and notification applications supporting their DevOps initiatives
  • IoT applications supporting millions of events per second, providing new business value around predictive maintenance and real-time alerts and control
  • Real-time analytics applications that are focused on streaming data and anomaly detection

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