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Data Stories: Working for a Living

Working for tips, where there’s a coffee shop on every corner, and the reality of the sharing economy.

How Much Do Wait Staff Depend on Tips?

Flowing Data Tips 

‎Flowing Data looked at a survey of restaurant workers and then compared the tipped minimum wage to the cost of living across the U.S. in this recent set of charts


Coffee Shops Versus Rent

Priceonomics Coffee Map 

Are coffee shops more common where people have higher disposable income? Priceonomics charted coffee shops per capita against average rent in Manhattan neighborhoods to try and find out. 


How Much Can You Make on the Side?


Technology-driven financial services company Earnest used their copious customer data to crunch the numbers on what people are actually earning from so-called sharing economy jobs, such as driving for Uber or picking up delivery for Doordash. Their investigation found that the majority of workers made less than $500 per month.

About the Author

Lindsay Stares is a production editor at TDWI. You can contact her here.

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