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Data Stories: The Future of Work

What jobs are being replaced by automation, how much e-sports professionals can make, and how IT jobs are portrayed in TV and film.

Is Automation in Your Future?

CD Howe Institute 

How worried should you be about computers or robots taking your job? This chart from the Canadian C.D. Howe Institute shows the estimated risk for 300 major occupations losing jobs to automation.


Winning Video Games for Cash


If your job is at risk, what about playing games for money? This summary infographic and large interactive chart (click Live View to see) show the sizable dollar amounts at stake in today’s global e-sports.


How Programmers Are Portrayed in Fiction

Stack Overflow 

What does a software developer’s job look like to people who work in other fields? Stack Overflow had some fun with their 2017 Developer Survey and asked respondents for opinions on hackers, programmers, and IT professionals in fiction.

About the Author

Lindsay Stares is a production editor at TDWI. You can contact her here.

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