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Data Stories: Website Colors, Online Retail Growth, Headline Styles

Use visualizations to explore common website colors, the growth of, and patterns in online headlines.

Website Color Trends

Web Colors 

What colors come to mind when you think of technology companies? What about major websites? This post from a graphic designer displays the colors used in the world’s ten most visited websites and then charts the colors by hue, saturation, and format so that you can easily see any patterns.


The Size of the A-to-Z

Amazon Size

We know that is a behemoth, but just how big is the online retailer? Visual Capitalist shows the truth in one chart. The post also includes additional information about the recent decline of other retailers.


Clustering Headlines by Style and Topic

Clustering Headlines

Software engineer Max Woolf was curious whether a clustering algorithm would be able to find so-called clickbait headlines. This post contains both the interactive result of his exploration and an in-depth description of how he used Spark, Word2vec, and Plotly to create it.


About the Author

Lindsay Stares is a production editor at TDWI. You can contact her here.

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