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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles explore hiring data analytics teams, extracting value from big data investments, navigating the big data ecosystem, and the importance of taxonomy.

Hire the Best Data Analytics Teams
(Source: icrunchdata)

This article explores the question of whether your enterprise needs BI capabilities or data science capabilities and the differences between hiring for these tasks.

Big Data Investments Slow to Realize Value
(Source: Forbes)

As with all investments, the amount of money poured into big data initiatives does not necessarily reflect the success of those initiatives. Recent survey results show that certain roadblocks such as low data availability or poor data culture are leading to slower adoption and thus lower ROI for big data.

Future-Proof Your Enterprise with Scalable Stacks
(Source: O'Reilly Media)

Considering the speed of technological innovation, it can be difficult to ensure that solutions you choose now will continue to be useful in the future. This article discusses 5 tips for upgrading your technology stack so it will be flexible enough to grow with your enterprise.

Navigating the Enormous Big Data Ecosystem
(Source: Kdnuggets)

There are too many options in big data -- from selecting a vendor to picking out the correct data to analyze. This article has some tips on how to simplify your choices and move your enterprise forward.

Prepare for Real Hackers with Crisis Scenarios
(Source: Tech Republic)

A system passing every cybersecurity test in a controlled environment means nothing if you don't account for weaknesses in staff organization or leadership. This article recommends six different real-world scenarios to truly test your security.

Pay Attention to Taxonomy
(Source: CMSWire)

Taxonomy is something we all deal with every day without realizing it. Properly organizing your enterprise's data or resources is crucial for ease of access, but it is harder than most people realize. This article has some advice on this overlooked process.

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