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Articles examine IoT security, knowing when it’s time to move to the cloud, and overcoming barriers to real-time analytics.

Experts Weigh In on IoT Security
(Source: Forbes) asked 10 technology executives how enterprises working with IoT devices can improve their security.

How to Know if You Should Move to the Cloud
(Source: Lifehacker Austrailia)

Cloud computing is a hot trend in the enterprise, but hype has masked the fact that the cloud is not right for everyone. This article can help you figure out if moving to the cloud is the best option for your enterprise.

Barriers That Prevent Real-Time Analytics
(Source: Business 2 Community)

For most enterprises, the factors slowing the adoption of real-time analytics are cultural, not technological. This article explains the five most common barriers preventing implementation of real-time analytics.

Data Governance Still Needs to Come First
(Source: Information Management)

To take advantage of big data and predictive analytics, many enterprises are rushing to hire data scientists and bring in new technologies. This article reminds us why enterprises need solid data governance first to prevent accidental misuse of new data sources.

Securing IoT Requires a Targeted Approach
(Source: Embedded)

The government's interest in the Internet of Things is creating confusion for developers. Some have concerns that regulations meant to protect consumers might stifle innovation or actually create security problems for connected devices. This article explains the major issues in play and then details recommendations from an open source foundation on how to secure IoT devices to satisfy both consumers and regulators.

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