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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles this week look at the Internet of Things, data science (and scientists), and telling stories with your data.

The Importance of Data Storytelling
(Source: Information Management)

Many enterprises are trying to enable data visualization/storytelling to improve decision making, but it isn't a simple technique. This article discusses the need for proper data storytelling and tactics for implementing storytelling effectively.

The Future of Business Lies in IoT
(Source: icrunchdatanews)

The Internet of Things is coming soon. Right now, 'only' 10 billion things are connected to the Internet, but that number will rise quickly. This article describes the likely scale and impact of IoT growth.

Data Lakes for Data Democratization
(Source: Tech Republic)

Preparing and working with big data is too large a job for any one person in the enterprise to handle effectively. This article discusses one possible shift for democratizing data: using distributed data lakes.

Best Practices for Integrating IoT in Your Enterprise
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

Once you understand what IoT is and how prevalent it will become, you will probably be asking how to get started. This article examines the major concerns you should address to effectively and safely adapt your enterprise to work with IoT devices.

Defining "Data Scientist"
(Source: InfoQ)

The data scientist has been described with so much enthusiasm that it is hard to understand exactly what data scientists do. Obviously, they crunch numbers, but the role encompasses much more than that. This article explores what most enterprises are looking for in a data scientist.

Best Practices for Visualizations
(Source: Search Engine Journal)

Data visualizations, if done right, can convey huge amounts of information in a clear, concise manner. This article contains nine good tips for making effective data visualizations and improving your data storytelling.

Overcoming Obstacles in IoT
(Source: Computer World)

Once your enterprise is ready to move forward, this article can help with the challenges of working with IoT. The author identifies the most common problems that enterprises have with IoT and uses a fictional case study to offer solutions.

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Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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