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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles this week look at big data, data lakes, data scientists, cloud computing, and improving data analytics.

Applying IoT in B2B Enterprises
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

The Internet of Things revolution seems to focus on consumer products, making B2B enterprises feel left out. However, this article reveals some of the many potential applications IoT has for B2B enterprises.

The Overlooked Piece of Big Data
(Source: Information Management)

The devil is in the details, and that is true even for something as large as big data. According to recent studies, the biggest problem with big data projects is data quality: not enough people pay attention to it. This article reviews why this problem is so crucial and how to improve big data quality.

Adopting the Data Lake? Follow These Best Practices
(Source: Dbta)

Because the idea of the data lake is so young, many enterprises struggle to understand the term and determine best uses for the technology. This article reviews tips to help you prepare before jumping into a data lake.

Difficulties in Training Enough Data Scientists
(Source: Datanami)

The rarity of truly skilled data scientists is causing a shortage which impacts current enterprises. This article discusses long-term strategies for creating a larger number of data scientists.

Digital Transformation Does Not Require Cloud Computing
(Source: Forbes)

Digital evolution and cloud computing seem to go hand in hand, but not every organization is ready for both. This article argues how an enterprise can go digital without the cloud.

Educating Employees For Better Data Analytics
(Source: Techvibes)

One solution to the data scientist shortage the previous article outlined is for universities to teach important concepts for the job. However, that is only effective over the long-term. This article explains why, in the short term, enterprises should consider alternate training for current employees in data analytics.

How to Create a Mighty Data Ocean
(Source: Datanami)

You've decided to adopt the data lake. Now what? This article explains how to effectively build your data lake: one stream at a time.

Know the Future Through Streaming Analytics

Some enterprises have already adopted streaming analytics, also known as real-time data analysis, but many others have not. This article gives a basic overview of the opportunities provided by streaming analytics and of its intersections with other technologies.

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