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Interesting articles we found range from picking big data BI tools and comparing big data frameworks to using citizen data scientists to find your big data footing and securing the Internet of Things.

Best Practices for Picking a New BI Tool in Big Data
(Source: Datanami)

In its adoption, big data has swallowed all previous practices and tools used for BI. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it hard for some enterprises to figure out what new technology to use. This article has the ten commandments for deciding which of the new BI tools will be best for your enterprise.

Comparing the Best Frameworks for Big Data
(Source: Kdnuggets)

There are other frameworks for processing big data besides Spark and Hadoop, they just don't get nearly as much press. This article runs down its choice of the top 5 big data frameworks (unsurprisingly with Hadoop and Spark at #1 and #2) and reasons for choosing each.

Visualizations: More Noise than Signal?
(Source: Infoworld)

In most big data projects you’ll need to translate data into visualizations for easier digestion of the analysis. However, some critics argue that these visualizations are misleading or, at worst, plain wrong. This article rebukes those criticisms with its own argument of the pros of data visualizations.

Investigating the Effectiveness of Big Data
(Source: Forbes)

For a number of reasons, big data has lost some of its excitement. One of them is the fact that a certain case study supposedly proving the effectiveness of big data, Google Flu Trends, turned out to be more wrong than right. This article reviews why that particular study went wrong and how to use big data for truly effective analytics in all contexts.

Using a Citizen Data Scientist to Find Your Big Data Footing
(Source: Information Management)

The transition into big data is a difficult one, undoubtedly, but there are ways to make it easier. This article recommends giving the IT leader in charge of your big data implementation some help by hiring “citizen data scientists” -- along with other tips.

The Hidden Benefits of Big Data
(Source: Techrepublic)

It is easy to miss the trees for the forest when it comes to big data. The name alone is the start and end of many conversations. However, big data does more than we realize. This article explains ten of the “hidden” applications of big data.

Securing the IoT Takes Proactivity
(Source: Dark Reading)

The IoT still has not reached its full potential nor even widespread adoption. However, if your enterprise is one of those early adopters, it is crucial to start securing your IoT operations before it becomes a real headache. This article presents a checklist for proper IoT security for you and your enterprise to follow.

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