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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Interesting articles we found on the Web focus on data visualization tips, revitalizing BI processes, how to become a data scientist using public data, attracting staff with data analytics, and how to de-dupe data as a team.

Turning Data Visualizations into Art
(Source: All Business)

Tips in this article will help you make a better visualization for present-day audiences.

Infinite Room for Analytics in the Cloud
(Source: Forbes)

The shift to the cloud is not something done because it is trendy. Moving on up allows for plenty of opportunity, including more room for data analytics. This article reviews a survey about what enterprises are attempting to do with the cloud and, in doing so, offers ideas that your enterprise may not have considered.

Becoming a Data Scientist with Public Data
(Source: Techrepublic)

With the amount of public data on social media websites and other places, practically anyone can become a data scientist in their own bedroom. This article shows how to become a DIY data scientist for analyzing the presidential election; the lessons enterprises can extrapolate for their own team.

Attracting Future Staff via Data Analytics
(Source: Cuinsight)

Millennials will make up the workforce of the future, so being able to attract them to your enterprise will be critical. This article shows how and why you need to use data analytics for enticing young people.

De-duplicating Data as a Team
(Source: Computer Technology Review)

When there is already so much unique data taking up precious storage space, duplicated data can be a real hassle. De-duplication is the process of getting rid of any duplicate data; a useful, but difficult, process. This article has tips on de-duping multiple areas of the enterprise, from cloud servers to data.

Locking Down Hadoop
(Source: Securosis)

Hadoop is a fantastic data management tool, but it has its share of security problems. This article reviews the major areas of weakness in Hadoop and NoSQL tools and how to properly secure them.

Breathing Life into Old Business Intelligence Processes
(Source: Information Week)

BI systems are great in theory, but what happens if no one actually uses them for benefit? This article is the personal story of an IT strategist who made his enterprise's BI process useful. He has tips for readers on revamping their own BI strategies on the way.

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