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Data Digest: Better Data Management, Data and Marketing, and Kidnapping Ransomware

The key to better data management: prioritization. Plus turning data into an effective marketing campaign and how to protect your enterprise from kidnapping ransomware.

The Key to Better Data Management: Prioritization
(Source: Information Age)

Part of the reason 80 percent of a data scientist’s work is preparation, and data management is a difficult skill to learn. Being able to prioritize and efficiently store huge amounts of data is tricky, but this article has the scoop on better data management.


Turning Data into an Effective Marketing Campaign
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

One of the great uses of data is designing a marketing strategy around it. Yet, the flood of data on both the consumer’s and the enterprise’s side threatens this use. This article offers tips for effectively utilizing data to make a successful campaign.


Protect Your Enterprise from Kidnapping Ransomware
(Source: Computer World) 

Ransomware has not been around long, but the black mark it has made on enterprises all over is quite well-known. Knowing what to do when struck by the malicious software or how to prevent it is relatively unknown information, however. This article offers seven ideas on recovering from or preventing a ransomware attack.

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