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Best of TDWI’s Data Digest

Interesting articles we found on the Web focus on building data science teams, finding the real value of IoT with analytics, effective market segmentation, and turning big data into useful data.

Revolutionizing Data Management for the Era of NoSQL and Big Data
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

The shift towards NoSQL and big data in the enterprise has meant sweeping changes in all fields. One area that seems to be neglected by enterprises as they revolutionize everything else is the field of data management. As this article discusses, adopting these technologies requires new data management strategies and techniques.

Turning Big Data into Usable Data
(Source: Information Age)

Collecting lots of data and assuming it will provide great business intelligence without further work needed is foolish. As this article explains, having large amounts of data does not mean you have a large amount of usable data for analytics. The article also provides important ways to test how good your data actually is.

Keys to Effective Data Science Teams
(Source: Tech Target)

Data science teams are expensive, so getting the biggest bang for your buck is important. This article discusses case studies that exemplify how to get the most out of data science teams, from focusing on the big picture to determining what data to collect.

Individual Segmentation Requires Systems of Insight, not More Data
(Source: Computer World)

In this climate of individual analytics, collecting more data on your customer is only half of what is required for good insight. The other half is turning that data into effective action. This article covers benefits of systems of insight when applying them to customer service.

Finding IoT’s Real Value with Analytics
(Source: Datanami)

The rise of the Internet of Things will lead to 15 to 40 billion more connected devices placed on the market. That will lead to a boom in the amount of data available for enterprises to collect. How can your enterprise make the most of this new data?

Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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