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Best of TDWI’s Data Digest

Online articles that caught our eye examine getting the most from content analytics, examining data storage options, and reports on big data analytics and access.

Maximizing Your Gains from Content Analytics
(Source: Information Age)

Most enterprises have an analytics team in place yet suffer from a shortfall of skill and leadership. Here are seven ways to extract the greatest benefit from analyzing the content of your enterprise’s greatest asset -- your data.

Access to Big Data Not High Priority for Most Enterprises
(Source: Tech Republic)

More enterprises every year are becoming aware of (and utilizing) big data, but according to a recent CA Technologies Survey, only 35 percent of these enterprises plan on making big data tools more accessible for employees. This means that only select data scientists have access to the data, and that limits what the data can do because only a few people are asking the data questions. If you democratized your data, you might be surprised at what you’ll get from non-data scientists.

How to Overcome IoT Development Obstacles
(Source: ReadWrite)

The Internet of things has nearly limitless potential. The only problem is it’s incredibly tough to develop something for the IoT. This article shows the main hurdles you’ll face making something for the IoT and six ways to get around them. Topics Covered: IoT

Object Store or HDFS: Picking the Right Data Storage System
(Source: Datanami)

Two main third-party contenders exist when choosing a long-term data storage system: the HDFS (data lake) or the object-based storage system. Both have their pros and cons and it can be hard to choose which one will fit your enterprise better. This article helps make your choice easier.

Data-based Marketing: Avoiding Failure
(Source: Marketing Land)

Marketing make gains with data analytics, but it seems most advertisers are still struggling to find the right ways to act on their data to get more customers. This article outlines the five major problems most enterprises have when marketing with data and how to get around them.

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