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Datawatch Makes Everyone a Big Data Expert

Company announces general availability of Monarch v13 for self-service data preparation.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Datawatch Corporation today announced the general availability of Datawatch Monarch version 13, the latest release of its flagship data preparation solution. The new product release significantly extends the range of data sources and provides a simple point-and-click interface built on top of a powerful data preparation engine. Now all users -- from novice business users to data scientists -- can unlock and use all of the data needed to make better, timelier business decisions with self-service data preparation capabilities.

The unique capabilities delivered with the Datawatch Monarch v13 include:

Access to any data: Unlock data from the widest range of data sources including multi-structured documents such as PDFs, text and spool files, as well as all major relational databases,, Web pages, CSV, and more.

Point-and-click ease: Over 80 prebuilt data manipulation functions at your fingertips so anyone can become an expert at analyzing big data.

Use existing reports: You don’t need IT to access data in enterprise systems -- you can now use existing reports in formats such as .PDF or .TXT and automatically bring this data directly into your analysis. You can also unlock data in customer invoices, purchase orders, third-party research, and any document you need. There is no rekeying or scripting, Datawatch automatically inspects the document and extracts all the relevant data into a tabular, spreadsheet-like display.

Drag-and-drop Web pages: Use content from a Web page as a data source.  Now you can add important data such as competitive pricing or market research that is only available via the Web.

Stop Excel chaos: Excel was not designed for data preparation and is often the biggest source of unintentional errors when used to consolidate and manipulate data. You can now easily combine multiple spreadsheets, prepare the data, and export back to a fully formatted spreadsheet.

Export to your favorite tool: Your prepared data can be saved in a variety of native BI formats so you can immediately visualize your results in Datawatch Designer as well as other BI and advanced analytics tools such as Tableau, Qlik, IBM Watson Analytics, Tibco Spotfire, SAS, SAP Lumira, Dell Statistica, and Excel,.

Greater trust: Every step you take in preparing your data is recorded in an easy-to-understand format. These recorded steps are also used as a load plan to fully automate a process when you need to do it again. 

Promote reuse: Your data preparation routines can be shared with others so you can stop all the redundant work. 

Enterprise-ready: Monarch is part of the Datawatch Managed Analytics Platform that delivers an enterprisewide solution for data preparation and visual data discovery. Datawatch is the only solution that can bridge the gap between the ease-of-use and agility that business users demand together with the scalability, automation, and governance needed by IT.

Datawatch Monarch is available today in three different packages including a free Personal Edition, Classic Edition ($895 per user per year), and Complete Edition ($1,595 per user per year). For more information, visit

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