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Data Digest: Predictive Analytics, Data Lakes Future of DW, and Startups and the Coming Data Revolution

Articles today include a look at causations and correlations with predictive analytics, data lakes and the future of data warehouses, and the data revolution being driven by new startups.

Finding Causations Rather than Correlations Important for Predictive Analytics
(Source: Computer World)

Of Amazon’s total sales, 30 percent comes from its recommendation engine, which uses predictive analytics to figure out what customers want before they even know what they want. Predictive analytics has many applications, but it seems it is best suited for marketing.

Semantic Data Lakes are the Future Data Warehouses
(Source: Information Management)

It is not viable to keep making data lakes that consist of purely native data; it may save money up-front but does not make it easier to find or analyze that data. Now, enterprises must start making data lakes with semantics for organization and integration or that data lake will become more inefficient than ever.

The Coming Data Revolution
(Source: Tech Crunch)

Data can do both good and evil-- it all depends on how it is used. Although recent articles about Silicon Valley have been critical of the “useless startups,” the data-driven businesses are providing an important service: bringing about a data revolution. As more enterprises pop up, the more information is available globally and can be used for important societal changes-- as well as better marketing.

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