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Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 Has Future of Big Data in Mind

New version simplifies the analytics experience for users and administrators, delivers just-in-time big data blending at the source.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Pentaho Corporation has released Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0, a completely redesigned data integration and analytics platform. Pentaho 5.0 provides a full spectrum of analytics for today's big data-driven businesses regardless of data type and volume, IT architecture, or analysis required. The new, modern interface simplifies the user experience for all those working to turn data into competitive advantage. Pentaho 5.0 includes more than 250 new features and improvements. Highlights include:

Blended Big Data for More Accurate Insights

  • More complete analysis: Big data becomes more valuable when blended with operational and other data sources to provide a more complete picture of the business. Pentaho 5.0 is the first platform to enable analysts to easily blend all data types and immediately report, visualize and explore for greater insights.

  • Blended at the source for accuracy: Blending big data "at the source" maintains the appropriate level of data governance and security necessary for accurate and reliable analysis. In contrast, the more common end-user blending "away from the source" approach lacks the ability to audit and cannot ensure correct inferences from the data. Pentaho 5.0 enables analysts to create cleansed, architected blends directly from diverse big data sources with the ease of use and real time access demanded in today's agile analytics environments.

  • Just-in-time blending: Analysts working in distributed, virtualized data environments need accurate, near real-time big data blends for timely and accurate analysis. Typical end-user blending requires the staging of data, resulting in data sets that are often out of date. With the big data integration capabilities in Pentaho 5.0, analysts can confidently blend all data in near real-time and immediately analyze the results.

Simplified Analytics and User Experience

  • New Pentaho User Console and streamlined user interface: The Pentaho User Console is completely redesigned to significantly improve the user experience so users can easily browse files, create new content, quickly access recent documents, and mark favorites.

  • Re-designed experience for administrators: A new administrator perspective is now integrated into the Pentaho User Console for a single seamless experience. Administrators can configure and manage security levels, licensing, and servers, resulting in improved efficiency and time to implementation.

  • Industry leading operational reporting for MongoDB: Pentaho 5.0 brings business analysts an in-depth reporting platform for MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database.

  • Custom dashboards: Executives and managers can view top-line metrics through Pentaho's new custom-designed, insight-driven dashboards, delivered directly to desktops or mobile devices.

 Enterprise-Ready Big Data Integration

  • Broadest and deepest big data integration: Up-to-date integrations and certifications for popular big data stores ensure businesses keep pace with ongoing changes in the big data ecosystem and are prepared for the future. New integrations include Splunk, Amazon Redshift, and Cloudera Impala; certifications include MongoDB, Cassandra, DataStax, Cloudera, Intel, Hortonworks, and MapR. 

  • New features help IT manage huge data volumes efficiently: New capabilities such as job restart, roll back, and load balancing are all included in Pentaho 5.0.

 Simplified Embedded Analytics

  • New REST services for third-party application developers: Pentaho 5.0 includes new REST services for simplified embedding of analytics and reporting into web-deployed applications delivered as a service.

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