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New Acunu Analytics for Cassandra NoSQL Supports Real-Time Big Data Analytics

Acunu Analytics brings “fast-to-build” rich queries, rich data modeling, and real-time results to the Cassandra NoSQL community.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Acunu, a real-time big data analytics specialist, has released Acunu Analytics for Cassandra. For the first time, Cassandra users don’t need to be database experts to build business-value applications. Instead, Cassandra users can easily undertake dynamic analysis of high-velocity data streams at scale and in real-time.

“Improved time to market for new applications and lower cost of ownership for Cassandra developers are vital levers in a rapidly growing market where skills are scarce and at a premium,” said Chris Gomersall, Acunu’s CEO. “Currently, critical skills are being deployed trying to build complex ‘plumbing.’ Acunu Analytics allows developers to focus instead on providing real-time results that drive their business.”

"Until today Cassandra users could only build real-time analytics applications from the ground up, with only the most basic building blocks to work with making application creation time-consuming and costly,” said Tim Moreton, founder and CTO at Acunu. “Users were trying to collect data and present real-time insights into that data but were finding Cassandra data modeling to be the steepest part of the learning curve. Acunu Analytics takes away those problems and delivers powerful analytics capabilities with easy to integrate code.”

Acunu Analytics delivers a platform and toolset that makes it possible to build and extend complex, real-time applications easily and quickly. It does this by layering flexible and expressive data modeling on top of Cassandra's base 'key-value pair' data model and by delivering a much richer query capability; one that is more recognizable to developers used to the ease of use and power of SQL.

Acunu’s experience of and knowledge about Cassandra means it has been able to build a complex platform that has wide applicability in infrastructure monitoring, mobile applications, social media applications, and many other operational intelligence use cases.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Low latency answers: Fresh data is reflected in Acunu Analytics queries in less than a second from when it was first created. Users can be confident their decisions are not out of date before they have made them. Monitoring apps are not viewing the world in the rear-view mirror of a batch indexing phase.

  • Powerful analytics: Acunu Analytics brings the rich queries expected by users of SQL databases to the NoSQL world, enabling familiar concepts such as SELECT, WHERE, JOIN, and GROUP BY and built in aggregating functions such as topK and Standard Deviation.

  • Easier data collection: Acunu Analytics simplifies data collection by providing a JSON-based API, custom data integration, and integration with Apache Flume.

  • Analytic apps your way: Acunu Analytics makes it easy to build analytic apps on top of its analytics layer. Whether they use the pre-built dashboards, configure client-side Web applications using widgets, or build custom apps using the Acunu Analytics API, users can quickly build the apps they need.

When they are not building Acunu Analytics, Acunu engineers also continue to make significant contributions to the core Apache Cassandra distributed database. Acunu led the headline feature of the latest 1.2 release, Virtual Nodes, which dramatically simplifies the scaling up and down of Cassandra clusters, eliminating a major management headache.

Pricing and Availability

Acunu Analytics for Cassandra is free for evaluation, with licensing for production systems starting at $40,000 for a multi-node cluster which includes Cassandra support. Acunu Analytics for Casssandra is available immediately.  More information is available at

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