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TDWI Webinars on Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics

TDWI Webinars deliver unbiased information on pertinent issues in the big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics industry. Each live Webinar is roughly one hour in length and includes an interactive question-and-answer session following the presentation.

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Six Strategies for Balancing Risk with Data Value

In this TDWI webinar, we’ll consider data value and intelligence in the context of compliance.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Building Trusted Data Through Deep Profiling and Analysis with Machine Learning

This webinar focuses on how machine learning and other analytics techniques can be used to ensure better data outcomes.

Fern Halper, Ph.D.

Applying the Power of AI to Data Catalogs: How artificial intelligence can make it easier for users to share knowledge and collaborate

Join this TDWI Webinar to learn how AI-powered data catalogs can enable your organization to stem the tide of data chaos and better manage and govern self-service analytics, BI, and data preparation. Smarter, more visual data catalogs can increase users’ speed to insight and confidence in their ability to share knowledge and collaborate on data and analytics.

David Stodder

Modernizing Your Data Pipeline for Better Analytics

The data pipeline is an important part of the analytics ecosystem. This pipeline provides the pathway and processes from data ingestion through movement, cleansing, transformation, loading, integration, preparation, and enrichment of data for analysis. The modern data pipeline involves real-time processing of disparate data, often across multiple clusters. Join Fern Halper, TDWI VP of Research, and Kevin Petrie, Attunity’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, to learn more about the data pipeline and its importance for analytics.

Fern Halper, Ph.D.

Ask the Expert about the Role of Data Visualization on Data Validation
TDWI Members Only

In this Ask the Expert webinar, Andrew Cardno will answer your questions about the additional challenges of visualization of data streams that potentially contain unexpected values. In handling unexpected values, we need to consider presentation methods that are able to handle exceptions while still allowing the operators to understand the core datasets.

Andrew Cardno

Delivering Trusted Data for a 360-Degree View: New Strategies for Governance and Master Data Management

Join this TDWI Webinar to learn how you can modernize and improve your strategy for delivering trusted, secure, and well-governed data to meet the demands of self-service analytics and business intelligence (BI). Technologies are changing in key areas such as master data management, metadata, and data preparation, making it important for organizations to revitalize their tools, platforms, and practices.

David Stodder

Modern Data Warehouse Integration: Bringing Data Together in the Cloud

In this webinar, we contrast the traditional ELT approaches of the past with the agile approaches enabled by high-performance cloud-based systems.

David Loshin

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