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Ten Mistakes Q117 cover

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Building Out a Data Science Program
TDWI Member Exclusive

January 31, 2017


By Fern Halper and Martin Pacino

Organizations are moving past traditional structured data and are embracing text data from emails, machine-generated data, and streaming data to enhance their analyses. Data science is an outgrowth of this of this evolution, but many companies are still in the early stages of their data science efforts. In this Ten Mistakes to Avoid, TDWI’s Fern Halper and Martin Pacino identify the mistakes most detrimental to building out a successful data science program.

Business Intelligence Journal Volume 21 Number 4 cover

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 21, No. 4
TDWI Member Exclusive

December 14, 2016

Communication is vital to BI project success and project management is the subject of several articles in this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal. This issue also takes a look at safety and security from several different points of view.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Defining an Enterprise BI and Analytics Strategy
TDWI Member Exclusive

November 3, 2016


By Nancy Williams and Steve Williams

The benefits of business intelligence—and now big data analytics—may be couched in different business terms, but there has to be a connection to increased profits if there is to be a return on a BI investment. This Ten Mistakes to Avoid examines some of the key, commonly encountered BI strategy challenges faced by major companies across a wide range of industries.

BI Journal V21, Number 3 cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 21, No. 3
TDWI Member Exclusive

September 14, 2016

No matter how advanced your technology stack, BI success is as much about people and processes as it is about processing speed. This issue of the Business Intelligence Journal takes a closer look at several different ways to solve the people problems that occur in data management and analytics programs, from improving inefficient organizational structures to saving a faltering self-service initiative.

2016 BI Benchmark Report Cover image

2016 TDWI BI Benchmark Report: Organizational and Performance Metrics for Business Intelligence Teams
TDWI Member Exclusive

September 7, 2016

 TDWI’s annual BI Benchmark Report enables business intelligence (BI) teams to compare themselves to their peers on a series of organizational and performance metrics. The 2016 BI Benchmark Report is based on a Web survey of 192 BI professionals conducted worldwide in spring and early summer 2016.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in NoSQL
TDWI Member Exclusive

August 2, 2016


By William McKnight

For companies seeking to exploit data to their advantage, NoSQL is a perfect storm of need and solution. Nevertheless, its implementation isn't without hurdles. When reviewing successes and failures, it is clear that some good practices have been overlooked. This Ten Mistakes to Avoid identifies the mistakes with the biggest impact on NoSQL implementation success and recommends applicable solutions.

BI Journal V21N2 cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 21, No. 2
TDWI Member Exclusive

June 13, 2016

Customers are constantly looking for what’s fresh, what’s innovative—what’s new. In this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal we look at what’s new in the enterprise for BI: new cultures and mindsets, new technologies, and new ways of working.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Data Storytelling
TDWI Member Exclusive

May 5, 2016


By Dave Wells

Data storytelling takes the next step beyond data visualization by connecting multiple visuals with narrative, offering interpretation, and inviting conversation. Crafting a good data story, however, is challenging. This Ten Mistakes to Avoid offers guidance to advance your storytelling skills and increase the impact of your data stories.

2016 Salary Roles and Responsiblities report cover image

2016 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report
TDWI Member Exclusive

March 14, 2016

  The gender gap in wages saw a dramatic narrowing in 2015, as women’s average salary rose by 1 percent and men’s dropped by 4 percent. Read more in the 2016 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report.

BI Journal V21N1 Cover Image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 21, No. 1
TDWI Member Exclusive

March 11, 2016

If your enterprise isn’t always looking for better ways to do things, you won’t move or stay ahead. In this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal we look at companies and the moves they’re making, as well as moves you can make in your own environment.

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