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BI Journal Volume 22 Number 1 Cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 22, No. 1
TDWI Member Exclusive

February 27, 2017

Does your organization have so many Number One priorities that you’re trapped in the attitude that there’s never enough time to do it right but there’s always enough time to do it over? In this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal we look at best practices—including ways to manage teams—that can help you get things right the first time.

Senior editor Hugh J. Watson advises you to be cautious about the latest data visualizations—especially for senior executives—because they can be difficult to interpret and understand. Balance the familiar with new storytelling best practices to increase interest and comprehension in your presentations.

Balance is also the subject of Nancy Couture’s examination of managing agile teams, explaining how to encourage team self-reliance while providing the necessary support structure for success. She offers five guidelines to help leaders achieve that balance. Linda Briggs looks at balance and agility from a different angle in her profile of a small Connecticut manufacturing firm and its ERP challenges.

Drs. Sunil Nair and Leo Anthony Celi explore four issues that we must solve in order for clinical medicine to benefit from big data analytics. The authors explore the promise and bright future awaiting those beginning their careers in the field.

Our Experts’ Perspective examines ways to assess your readiness for advanced analytics and to make sure you’re beginning on the firmest footing possible. Vinu Yamunan, Tracy Ring, Bill Franks, and Ben Daniel offer their best practices for making the transition smooth.

Who will do all this analytics work? Dr. Pam Clavier and Harman Brar suggest the employees you need are already on staff. They explain how to develop the analytics skills and experience in business analysts to produce BI analysts.

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James E. Powell

Editorial Director

Business Intelligence Journal 


  • Data Visualization, Data Interpreters, and Storytelling
    Hugh J. Watson
  • Creating and Leading Agile Data Management Teams
    Nancy Couture
  • Big Data Applications in Clinical Medicine
    Sunil Nair, MD, and Leo Anthony Celi, MD
  • BI Case Study: Small Manufacturing Firm Customizes Its Data
    Linda L. Briggs
  • BI Experts’ Perspective: Am I Ready for Advanced Analytics?
    Vinu Yamunan, Tracy Ring, Bill Franks, and Ben Daniel
  • Tapping the Existing Business Analyst Talent Pool for BI Analysts
    Pam Clavier, Ph.D., and Harman Brar

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