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Accelerate Analytics to Get Ahead of Change

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Accelerate Analytics to Get Ahead of Change

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Leverage Your Data for Faster Intelligence

Rapid changes demand rapid insights. Disruptions caused by crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate how public and private organizations must take a fresh look at how they find, process, analyze, and share data. Too much is on the line for your organization to rely on older, more rigid styles of business intelligence and data management that were not built to answer the new questions that no one thought of asking.

Fortunately, with the latest technologies, cloud-based data services, and analytics practices, you can prepare your organization to be data-empowered and proactive in the face of disruptions—not slow and reactive.

Join this free Virtual Solution Spotlight webinar to learn how your organization can be faster, more agile, and smarter in how you develop and share data insights even as disruptions such as the current COVID-19 pandemic overturn traditional assumptions and accepted wisdom.

You will hear from David Stodder, TDWI’s senior director of research for business intelligence, Jeremy Morris, manager, data science at Domo, and Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health about how to meet new challenges and fulfill requirements for coordinated and adaptable cloud data platforms, intuitive and interactive visualizations, and scalable, elastic apps and solutions.

Watch Now On-Demand

  • David Stodder 

    David Stodder

    Sr. Director of Research for Business Intelligence at TDWI

    Achieving Faster Data Insights for Business Impact: Research Trends and Directions

    Whether due to unexpected events (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) or more conventional business changes (such as a shift in customer preferences or sudden rise in equipment failures), when the alarm bells ring, your organization needs faster data insights to respond intelligently. To empower users to make data-informed decisions, you need flexible and integrated cloud services and technologies that can support wide-ranging analytics, intuitive data interaction, and a steady supply of current and trusted data.

    How close are organizations to meeting these needs? What people, process, technology, and data barriers must be overcome before individuals have what they need to make informed decisions and be proactive?

    In this session, TDWI’s David Stodder will share research to discuss:

    • The path to faster data insights: How organizations can get from where they are now to where they need to be with data and analytics
    • Technology trends that will shape how business users, analysts, data scientists, and data engineers work with data, develop insights, and apply them to solve problems
    • Recommendations for future-proofing your organization so it can use data to sense and respond to the next big change
  • Jeremy Morris 

    Jeremy Morris

    Data Scientist, DOMO

    How I Automate Mundane Work to Tackle Bigger Problems

    In today's world, there is no shortage of problems that people want to solve with data. Working with data requires skill, craft, and (most importantly) time. All things that do not exist in large supply in most organizations.

    I don’t know about you but I like to spend my time solving the big, exciting problems that make a large impact. When I find myself repeating the same task more than a few times I go crazy because I know that this task is taking me away from what I want to be doing. When that happens, I work to automate the task so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

    Some might say this is an act of laziness but I see it as the pathway to tackling the big problems. In this session I’ll show you some examples of how I do this and share how you can do it as well.

    Speaker Bio: Jeremy started at Domo in 2013 and is a Data Scientist on Domo’s internal analytics team. He is responsible for advanced analytics, forecasting, and other strategic projects as needed. In his spare time, Jeremy teaches graduate-level courses in BI and data visualization at the University of Utah.


    Neil Gomes

    Chief Digital Officer, Executive Vice President for Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

    Using Data to Tell Human Stories & Prove Value

    Over the last 3 months, Neil Gomes and his team have launched 65 projects, while managing their day jobs, to help their organization manage the new business environment. Neil will take questions and share stories, providing guidance on how to develop winning solutions.

    During a discussion with David Stodder, you’ll hear how Neil and his team have built a solution that enables them the speed and agility to adapt to any new challenge that comes their way, gaining leverage from all of the tools they have invested in.

    Speaker Bio: Neil Gomes is Jefferson’s Chief Digital Officer, Executive Vice President for Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience, and founder of The DICE Group. As a proven leader in healthcare and education technology, Neil and his team help define Jefferson’s innovation strategy and serve as a catalyst for digital transformation and consumer experience. Previously, Neil helped build the world’s largest developer of custom e-learning applications at the Tata Group in just two years. He also led a team at the University of South Florida that built a portfolio of online learning courses that earned the institution over $36 million in annual revenue and assisted with achieving a philanthropic goal of $1 billion in 3 years.

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