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Leading Mission-Critical Analytics Teams and Programs

By Meighan Berberich, President, TDWI

Analytics and data science have moved to the forefront of business decision making. The size and scope of the organizations and the complexity of tools and technologies that support these mission critical initiatives only continues to grow. It is critical for analytic leaders to maintain focus on the key factors that drive success of their analytics teams and deployments.

TDWI Accelerate will not only provide analytics leaders with insight on what’s new (and what’s next) in advanced analytics, but also on the factors beyond technology that are instrumental to driving business value with data.

Check out our leading sessions during this interactive and engaging three day event:

Building a High-Performance Analytics & Data Science Team
Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, International Institute for Analytics

This talk will discuss a variety of topics related to how a successful modern-day analytics and data science organization can grow, mature, and succeed. Topics will include guidance on organizing, recruiting, retaining, and instilling a winning culture within an analytics and data science organization.

Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain
Mark Madsen, President, Third Nature, Inc.

Using data science to solve problems depends on many factors beyond technology: people, skills, processes, and data. If your goal is to build a repeatable capability then you need to address parts that are rarely mentioned. This talk will explain some of the less-discussed aspects of building and deploying machine learning so that you can better understand the work and what you can do to manage it.

From BI to AI - Jumpstart your ML/AI projects with Data Science Super Powers
Wee Hyong Tok, Principal Data Science Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Why do some companies drown in volumes of data, while others thrive on distilling the data in the data warehouses/databases into golden strategic advantages? How do business stakeholders and data scientists work together to evolve from BI to ML/AI, and leverage data science in co-creating new value for the company? Join Wee Hyong in this as he shares with you 5 super powers that will help you jumpstart your ML/AI projects.

Designing for Decisions
Donald Farmer, Principal, TreeHive Strategy

Over the years, Business Intelligence has grown in many directions. Today, the practice can include data mining, visualization, Big Data and self-service experiences. But we’re still, fundamentally, in the business of decision support.

As analysts and developers we can support better business decisions more effectively if we understand the cognitive aspects of data discovery, decision making and collaboration. Luckily, we have a wealth of fascinating research to draw on, ranging from library science to artificial intelligence research.

We’ll explore the implications of some of this research, in particular how we can design an analytic experience that leads to more engaging, more insightful and measurably better decision-making.

View the complete agenda of more than 30 session across 3 days.

The time is now. The demand for skills in analytics and data science has reached an all-time high. Everywhere, organizations are building advanced analytics practices to drive business value, improve operations, enrich customer experiences, and so much more.

Build your expertise. Drive your organization’s success. Advance your career. Join us at TDWI Accelerate, October 16-18 in Seattle, WA.

Posted on July 21, 2017


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