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Big Data Management: What to Expect

By Philip Russom, TDWI Research Director

Think about everything you know about data management, including its constituent disciplines for integration, quality, master data, metadata, data modeling, event processing, data warehousing, governance, administration, capacity planning, hand coding, and so on. Now, write down everything you know on a series of index cards that are about the same size as playing cards. Next, do some reading and studying to determine the new things you need to learn about managing so-called “big data,” and write those on more index cards. Finally, shuffle the index cards and deal them into several large hands, as you would do with playing cards.

That’s pretty much what will happen to data management in the next several years, under the influence of big data and related phenomena like advanced analytics, real-time operation, and multi-structured data. You won’t stop doing the old tried-and-true practices, and the new stuff won’t replace the old best practices. You’ll play every card in the newly expanded deck, but in hands, suites, and straights that are new to you, as well as at unprecedented levels of scale, speed, complexity, and concurrency. And every hand dealt from the deck will require tweaking and tuning to make it perform at the new level.

The result is Big Data Management, the next generation of data management best practices and technologies, driven by new business and technical requirements for big data and related practices for analytics, real time, and diverse data types. Big Data Management is an amalgam of old and new techniques, best practices, teams, data types, and home-grown or vendor-built functionality. One assumption is that all these are being expanded and realigned so businesses can fully leverage big data, not merely manage it. Another assumption is that big data will eventually assimilate into enterprise data.

To help user organizations understand and embrace the next generation of data management, TDWI has commissioned a report titled: “Managing Big Data.” I will research and write this 36-page report. It will catalog new user practices and technical functions in Big Data Management, as well as explain how the older ones need to be adjusted to serve the new world of big data. This report will bring readers up-to-date, so they can make intelligent decisions about which tools, techniques, and team structures to apply to their next-generation Big Data Management solutions. TDWI will publish the report “Managing Big Data” on or about October 1, 2013.

Got #BigData? How do you manage it? Share your experiences and opinions by taking the TDWI survey for the upcoming report on “Managing Big Data,” If you complete the survey, TDWI will send you an email explaining how to download a free copy of the report in October.

Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the survey.

Posted by Philip Russom, Ph.D. on May 20, 2013


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