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Vendor News

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Cyera Launches Data Incident Response Service

Enables enterprises to minimize the blast radius of data incidents, determine materiality, accelerate remediation, and meet new reporting requirements.

Alchemer Helps Businesses Understand, Act on Customer Freeform Text

Alchemer Pulse summarizes and analyzes open text feedback, delivering actionable customer insights and opportunities.

New Survey Examines AI Trust Among Business Leaders

Privacy remains an issue for the C-suite.

Actian Launches Zen 16.0 Designed for Edge Computing

Latest Zen edition delivers secure, modular, and scalable edge data solutions with seamless synchronization from edge to cloud.

Bigeye Introduces End-to-End Enterprise Lineage for Hybrid Data Environments

Bigeye automatically maps end-to-end lineage for analytics dashboards across cloud data warehouses, ETL tools, and legacy data sources, providing comprehensive data health insights to data consumers.

Prophecy Launches Data Transformation Copilot For Databricks

Generative AI accelerates data preparation for analytics and AI.

Ontotext’s Updated Metadata Studio Provides Text Analytics of Unstructured Documents

Version 3.8 provides enhanced domain model search interface, knowledge graph enrichment and extension, advanced search capabilities, improved usability, and workflow efficiency.

Survey: Most Manufacturers Using AI, But Many Feel Behind in Meaningful AI Use Cases

Rootstock’s annual survey finds that manufacturers with a Signal Chain are further ahead in digital transformation and better able to navigate today’s market.

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