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Vendor News

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New Survey Reveals Cybersecurity Trends, Challenges

Scale Venture Partners’ 2023 Cybersecurity Perspectives survey reflects what CISOs are up against and how tools such as AI/ML fit into the mix.

Concentric AI Releases Archetype Functionality for Granularity and Precision of Data Discovery and Protection

New functionality for identifying the archetype and context of data helps enterprises identify at-risk data to improve its data security posture management.

Updated Dremio Data Lakehouse Engine Provides Faster Insights, Streamlined Operations

Dremio’s new functionality simplifies query construction, optimizes performance and storage use, and enhances compatibility for unified data lake experience.

New Matillion Solution Ends Slow, Fragmented, Expensive Data Pipelines

New productivity platform for data teams is now available on Snowflake and AWS.

Cybersecurity Training for Employees Most Popular IT Investment Among U.S. Companies

Cybersecurity expert explains why budget allocation to IT needs and cybersecurity are crucial.

Kyndi Enhances Answer Engine Portfolio with New Generative AI, Improved Analytics Capabilities

Latest enhancements allow enterprises to take immediate advantage of generative AI and large language models with confidence and ease.

Qlik’s New OpenAI Connectors Bring Generative AI Power Directly into Qlik Analytics Experience

New connectors expand Qlik’s AI, machine learning, and NLP capabilities, augmenting cloud analytics and application automation efforts with rich third-party content.

VergeIO Ramps Up Ransomware Protection with IOfortify

Users receive immediate alerts of an attack to react fast to prevent it and restore their entire system to a secure state within minutes.

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