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Vendor News

See the most recent Vendor articles below.

Alluxio Releases Performance and Ease-of-Use Enhancements for GPU-Centric AI/ML Workloads

Updates to data pre-processing and loading phases designed to enable better utilization of GPUs, improving AI/ML training efficiency and reducing overall cost.

Threat Stack Releases Enhanced Compliance Functions for Audits

Unique compliance classifiers and comprehensive reporting assist with compliance framework requirements helping organizations accelerate the audit process.

Concentric Report Shows 450 Percent Increase in Oversharing of Sensitive Documents

New data risk report quantifies ongoing security impact of pandemic and work from home on data oversharing.

Domino 4.4 Release Designed to Boost Data Scientists’ Productivity

Data science workbench in Domino 4.4 reduces the amount of manual and mundane work that data science teams must do to manage code and gain access to data.

Komprise Releases Intelligent Data Management 4.0

Latest release enables enterprises and service providers to manage complex hybrid cloud storage architectures with global visibility and localized control.

Zaloni Releases Updated Arena DataOps Platform

Latest release provides features to improve data pipeline efficiency and user productivity.

Study Finds Enterprise Security Risks as Managers Share Devices

Security experts are alarmed as this harmful habit puts companies at risk.

GRAX Releases History Stream for Accessing SaaS App Data

DataOps solution pushes cloud application data into analytics and operations systems with clicks, not code.

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