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Cloudera and Hortonworks Announce Merger

Companies say combined entity will offer a unified platform, accelerate market development, and fuel innovation.

Data Stories: Getting Hired, Employment Trends, Artificial Intelligence

The path to a single hire, complex employment and economic trends, and the spread of AI skills.

Data Digest: AI, Big Data Analytics, and Security; More AI Apps

How AI, machine learning, and big data analytics can help cybersecurity, and examples of real applications for AI and machine learning.

Measuring the Chief Data Officer

CDOs have unique skills. Here are five KPIs with which to measure their performance.

5 KPIs to Measure Your Chief Analytics Officer

How well is your chief analytics officer doing? Here are five of the most important metrics to monitor.

Avoiding the Disappointment of Data

Are you getting the greatest value from your data? Here are five ways to make sure.

Data Digest: Protecting the Internet of Things

Threats to IoT, how to secure IoT devices, and a user-friendly view of IoT security issues.

Data Stories: Visualizing Things We Love, Negative Comments, and Romantic Movies

Trends in things people love and hate, experiments in social media visualization, and analyzing new romantic comedies.

Five Characteristics of a Data-Driven Company

What makes an organization more data-driven in the digital age? Here are the answers from the companies' industry experts themselves.

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