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BI Basics Still Lead Advanced Analytics Solutions

Demand for traditional end-user query, reporting, and analysis technologies outpaces demand for advanced analytic technologies. And the gap is growing.

Objectivity Introduces Information Fusion Platform to Enrich Big Data with Fast Data

With ThingSpan, enterprises can derive better value from fast data for applications associated with the industrial Internet of Things.

Big Questions Simmered for Data Analysts in 2011

The role of data analyst has struggled for clarity on standards this year as the importance of analytics advances.

Data Digest: Real-Time Streaming Analytics, Big Data's Unheard-of Influence, and Mis-en-Place Data Prep

Event streaming processing and real-time data analytics, the unsung impacts of big data, plus learning data prep from a French restaurant.

Non-data-warehouse ETL Usage Growing

Increasingly, ETL is being tapped to support non-data warehousing activities, such as database consolidations and migrations

Continuing Industry Consolidations Lead to Business Intelligence Vendor Dichotomy

SAP’s acquisition of Business Objects underscores how BI vendors are splitting into two camps.

JasperSoft’s Burgeoning Business Intelligence Stack Coming into Focus

It’s a milestone release, analysts concede, even if—in most other respects—it brings little new to the table in terms of either features or functionality.

TDWI Report Excerpt: Expanding the Business Intelligence User Base

Data on how organizations are trying to expand Business Intelligence's use

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