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Data Digest: Cybersecurity Risk, Appointing a CDO, Security Trends

Why it’s hard to quantify cybersecurity risks, when you need a CDO, and security trends to watch.

Data Stories: Inspiration from Nature

How the design of new technology can be inspired by animals or insects, plus comparing tree cover using image analysis.

Understanding the Differences Between Data Science and BI

Knowing the differences between the two technologies is more than just a matter of semantics.

Data Digest: Integration and Skills for Big Data, Improving Dashboards

How to improve your data integration, train new skills for using big data, and ensure your dashboards are effective.

Data, Time, and the Data Lake: Putting it All Together

Extensive design and development effort has been expended over more than three decades to allow relational databases to handle time properly. Can data lakes manage it as well?

Data Digest: Data Science Advice, Changing Your Mindset, Trends for 2018

What leaders need to understand about building a data science program, embracing a shift in IT’s role, and preparing for next year.

Data Stories: Examining Hot Tech Skills and Employee Satisfaction

Which skills are needed, which skills are disliked, and which employees are most satisfied?

Simplicity, AI Key to a Complex Future

At this year's Teradata Partners conference, two central themes point to significant trends.

Data Digest: Rescue Data Governance, Predict Cyberattacks, Secure Healthcare Data

How to save a failing data governance program, use machine learning to predict attacks, and better protect patient data.

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