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Data Digest: AI Basics, ML Decisions, Internet Bots

The definitions of AI and machine learning, how to tell whether you need ML, and what the spread of Internet bots could mean.

Building Transition Plans into Your Data Science Team

A transition plan built into your workflow can make personnel turnover smooth.

Data Digest: Ethical Data Science, Regulation, and Enterprise Data Use

How ethical data use affects the public, government, and C-suite executives.

Data Stories: Summer in the City

A big city such as New York is a fertile ground for interesting statistics. These charts track population change, taxi paths, and genetic diversity in city rats.

Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency: How Everybody Wins

Why data visibility and transparency in your supply chain are important to your partners and your customers.

Data Digest: Advanced Logic, Analytics Roadblocks, ML Tools

Why Markov Logic could improve AI work, what measurement problems are slowing analytics, and how new open source tools could make machine learning simpler.

Humans in the Loop for Machine Learning

Integrating people into machine processes will have a significant influence in how ML is employed in business.

Reducing the Impact of Bad Data on Your Business

These 5 validation tools will help you keep your contact information up to date.

Data Digest: New Applications for Machine Learning and Managing AI Risk

New machine learning techniques detect fake images and help engage kids with autism, and new guidelines are proposed for managing the risk from AI and ML programs.

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