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Data Digest: Machine Learning Innovation, Predictive Analytics Hiring, Data Science Mistakes

Machine learning algorithms that write new algorithms, trends that affect analytics hiring, and data science challenges to navigate.

New Protagonist Solutions Use AI and Big Data to Give Marketers Empathy at Scale

Suite of narrative analytics solutions allows brands to quantify and utilize beliefs for higher engagement.

Creating an Effective Information Strategy (Part 1 of 2)

Information strategy development is often confused with tactical planning. This first article in a two-part series will help you develop an effective information strategy.

To Become Data-Driven, Focus on User Empowerment

Many organizations face obstacles on the path to becoming data-driven. What strategies are working for your enterprise?

Using Advanced Analytics for Societal Good

If data can help us solve problems and improve the quality of life, we must promote and publicize analytics efforts that help advance humanity.

Data Digest: Data Science Contest, Cutting-Edge Analytics, Predicting Employee Turnover

Data science students receive experience in contest, example uses for big data and advanced analytics, and how machine learning may detect reasons employees leave.

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