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Lessons from Facebook: Can We Defeat Databuse?

We in the information technology and data management disciplines must step up to an engaged and active role in educating the public and businesspeople who are not fully aware of the dangers of abuse of personal and related data.

Data Digest: Fields Using Machine Learning and AI

How not to apply machine learning, how machine learning affects search engines, and how financial marketing is using AI.

Data Stories: Through the Lens of Infographics

Infographics have less programming and more graphic design than interactive visualizations, but here are three infographics that provide perspectives on the modern digital world.

Streaming Data and Message Queuing in the Enterprise

Streaming and message queuing have lasting value to organizations and may soon become as prevalent as ETL is today.

Data Digest: Data Science and Analytics Training and Skills

Learning data science through independent study, seeking out the right skills, and training for policymakers.

Who Needs A Data Model Anyway?

Will AI eliminate the need for data models?

Win at the Game of Business with Reinforcement Learning

Machine learning is often demonstrated by teaching computers to win games. Now is the time to use machine learning to win the game of business.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Applications and Misconceptions

How machine learning is affecting manufacturing, can help pick a March Madness bracket, and is being overhyped and misunderstood.

Data Stories: Rising Rents, Population, Urban Diversity

These visualizations help you choose when to rent, see where the most people live, and understand diversity in American cities.

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