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Data Digest: AI Trends, Data Science Myths, Edge Computing

How AI will affect you in 2018, fallacies about data science, and the basics of edge computing.

Data Stories: Three Examples of Exploring Media with Tableau

These visualizations each use Tableau to present data about film or television, but each creator took a different approach.

Data Digest: Data Governance Recipes, Understanding Unstructured Data and Data Lineage

Transfer lessons from the kitchen to the data center, learn how to handle unstructured data, and realize why you need data lineage.

Modernization and Government Analytics

If the MGT Act becomes law early next year, the focus on modernization could provide benefits for analytics across sectors.

Data, Security, and Digital Business: The Eternal Braid

Only when data is embraced as a core asset of your organization and security is accepted as a daily business issue can real digital transformation occur.

Before Hiring a Chief Analytics Officer, Answer These 3 Questions

These three questions can help sort out whether you want or really need a CAO in your organization.

Data Digest: Data Science Value, Preventive Analytics, Cloud Performance

How to drive better outcomes with data science, use analytics to prevent problems, and structure a cloud database for high performance.

Smarter AI Cities Foretell Dramatic Changes in 2018 and Beyond

Systems of the future, aided by AI, are here today, helping change how cities work.

Data Stories: The Challenges of Forecasts

Whether you’re looking at the weather, economic growth, or industry innovation, forecasting what’s coming next is harder than it looks.

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