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Trends in Analytics

Q&A: Enhancing Analytics with AI

Machine learning, large language models, and AI are having an impact on analytics. Case in point: Heather H. Wilson, CEO of CLARA Analytics, explains how her company is putting AI to work in the insurance industry.

Q&A: AI’s Place in a Data-Driven Enterprise

AI is making BI and analytics more accessible beyond data analysts. MicroStrategy’s Saurabh Abhyankar, executive vice president and chief product officer, explains how.

Three Areas Where AI Can Make a Huge Difference Without Significant Job Risk

As we roll out AI, we are focusing too much on productivity and not enough on the things that truly need fixing.

How Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Cloud Analytics

The shift from classical to quantum analytics promises unprecedented processing power and speed. This opens up new possibilities, from enhancing security with quantum encryption to deeper insights delivered faster.

Tackling Information Overload in the Age of AI

Agile decision-making is often hampered by the volume and complexity of unstructured data. That’s where AI can help.

The Next Thing to Look For in AI Vendors: Interoperation

AI vendors that interoperate and partner well should significantly outperform their competitors.

How RAG Will Usher In the Next Generation of LLMs and Generative AI

Retrieval-augmented generation may provide a big step forward in addressing many of the issues that keep enterprises from adopting AI.

Data Digest: Mitigating AI Risks

New EU regulations for AI, tactics for addressing biased AI, and the need for better data quality for AI systems.

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