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Trends in Analytics

Tackling Information Overload in the Age of AI

Agile decision-making is often hampered by the volume and complexity of unstructured data. That’s where AI can help.

The Next Thing to Look For in AI Vendors: Interoperation

AI vendors that interoperate and partner well should significantly outperform their competitors.

How RAG Will Usher In the Next Generation of LLMs and Generative AI

Retrieval-augmented generation may provide a big step forward in addressing many of the issues that keep enterprises from adopting AI.

Data Digest: Mitigating AI Risks

New EU regulations for AI, tactics for addressing biased AI, and the need for better data quality for AI systems.

Generative AI, Quantum and Spatial Computing, the Metaverse, and 3D Printing: The Tech Blend of Tomorrow

Although these technologies have only been discussed in isolation lately, we can expect the greatest innovations to take place as they begin to be combined in novel ways.

Data Digest: AI Use and Improvement

How SMBs use AI, the extent of hallucination problems with generative AI, and technologies that might help AI be more trustworthy.

The Race to AI Implementation: 2024 and Beyond

AI can improve performance and productivity, but choosing the right hardware vendor to support your AI is critical. Here’s what you must consider.

Data Digest: Preparing Businesses and Staff for AI

These articles explore how to improve data for AI, how few staff are ready to use AI, and the importance of training employees in new skills.

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