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Trends in Analytics

Data Digest: Federated Learning, Managing Big Data, Optimizing Delivery

Google’s next innovation, 5 steps to manage your big data, and how big data analytics can be used to improve food delivery.

Data Digest: Machine-Learning as-a-Service, Automation in Banking, Using Algorithms on MRIs

The market for machine learning grows, automation expands on Wall Street, and how machine learning may help treat depression.

Data Digest: AI Goals, IoT Security, Adapting Malware

Why AI advancement might be slowing, who is most aware of IoT security problems, and how ransomware is adapting to evade machine learning.

Data Digest: Hidden IoT Connections, Connecting Legacy Equipment, Smart Data Lakes

Read about increasing security concerns with both consumer and industrial IoT devices and why you should consider a semantic layer with your data lake.

Analytics and AI-Driven Business Transformation Is Coming

A recent report from IDC makes some bold predictions about analytics, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence.

AI, Deep Learning, and Financial Services

Financial services can benefit from the many competitive use cases enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, but adoption has been slow.

Styles of Deep Learning: What You Need to Know

Deep learning is an increasingly important part of the AI toolkit, yet it is often misunderstood.

Data Science for Everyone

Statistical models and machine learning algorithms are often mysterious and confusing for average business and data professionals. However, even the most math-adverse can reach some understanding.

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