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Trends in Analytics

Data Digest: Machine Learning Languages, Multitenant Data Sets, Earthquake Detection

Why you should consider JavaScript for machine learning, training ML models on multitenant data, and how machine learning models are detecting aftershocks.

Data Digest: GPU for AI, AI Security Problems

How the GPU became vital to AI and machine learning, and how these technologies might cause as many security problems as they solve.

Blockchain Security Revisited

Don't assume the built-in security of blockchain technology is sufficient for your enterprise. Here are seven concerns to evaluate.

Data Digest: Predictive Analytics in Insurance and Healthcare, Embedded Analytics on the Rise

Workers’ compensation firms and healthcare providers are among the industries quickly embracing predictive analytics. Also learn about upcoming trends in embedded analytics.

Opt-In Versus Opt-Out: The Big Question for Consumer Privacy

Facebook is once again testing privacy concerns and consumer patience with its recent bank talks, raising privacy issues and business trade-offs for opt-in versus opt-out.

Why Blockchain Will Never Kill the Database

A fundamental difference in how data is handled and stored means the technologies are complimentary, not competitors.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Trends, New ML Tools, AI in Security

What’s ahead for machine learning and AI, new ML and AI tools from Google, and how AI helps both sides in cybersecurity.

Data Digest: Advanced Logic, Analytics Roadblocks, ML Tools

Why Markov Logic could improve AI work, what measurement problems are slowing analytics, and how new open source tools could make machine learning simpler.

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