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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Applying Machine Learning to Disasters, Delivery, and Hackers

The right machine learning algorithms can predict natural disasters, improve customer service, and detect online criminals.

Let Them Eat Clean: Chatbots and Quality Data

Help your chatbot grow with a healthy data diet.

How to Grow a Data Scientist

With the advent of algorithmic business, data scientists are a critical resource for the organization of the future. Increased demand creates a tight labor market, forcing companies to look inward to develop their own data scientists.

Data Digest: Predictive Pitfalls, Data-Driven Hiring, Data Science Storytelling

Common mistakes with predictive analytics, how predictive analytics can improve staffing, and communication for data scientists.

Data Stories: Exploring Cinema with Data Visualizations

Film is already a visual medium. What is gained by using data visualization techniques to compare quality, look at box office returns, and explore storylines?

Making Analytics the Catalyst for Change

How managing change will help self-service analytics deliver value faster.

Correlation, Causation, or Simply Gut Feel?

Surveys are often used to show correlations, but don't assume this means there's a cause-and-effect relationship.

Data Stories: Dating and Marriage by Numbers

These data visualizations explore dating app photos, historical marriage trends, and current marriage statistics.

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