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The House of Data and Data Stewardship with Dr. James Barker

Dr. James Barker, director of professional services for data strategy with Alation, discusses the “House of Data,” including key concepts, stewardship roles, and data councils.

Data Digest: Data Stacks, Data Platforms, Self-Service Strategies

The benefits of different types of data stacks, the possibility of a new type of data platform, and the difficulties with self-service data initiatives.

Scale Your Start-Up by Refining Your Data Strategy

Once you are ready for accelerated growth, continuing with the same data strategies can hold back your start-up.

Data Digest: Sharing Data, Governing the Internet, Predicting Problems

Federal agencies struggle to share data, a UN forum on current technology issues, and a case study of the failure of predictive analytics in law enforcement.

The Most Effective Enterprise Data Analytics Strategies Always Look Beyond Technology

With AI bringing on a new phase in data analytics, we examine historical trends and the best practices enterprise technology leaders should pursue.

Data Digest: Analytics Applications, Improving Data Literacy and Data Science Skills

Problems companies want to solve with analytics, the importance of data literacy in government, and teaching data science to kids.

Beyond Spreadsheets: How Data-Driven Organizations Outperform the Rest

These four best practices can help you successfully build a data-driven organization.

Data Digest: Working in the Cloud

How DBAs can adapt to work in the cloud, the importance of real-time cloud data, and the benefits of industry cloud platforms.

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