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Data and Business Leadership

How To Prepare Your Organization for AI’s Impact on Data Processes and Products

Here’s what your enterprise will need to benefit from generative AI.

Should AI Require Societal Informed Consent?

In many aspects of our lives, people must grant their permission in order to achieve something -- set the terms of a contract or complete a transaction, for example. Should similar informed consent be part of our AI use as well?

Picking an AI Vendor: Look for Indemnification and Experience

AI is full of promise, but also pitfalls. Heed this advice about AI indemnification and training data set best practices to help keep your enterprise and your career safe.

Data Digest: Data for Decision-Making, Data Leadership, Data Science Teams

The importance of predictive analytics for good decisions, how leaders should embrace data, and hiring a strong data science team.

The House of Data and Data Stewardship with Dr. James Barker

Dr. James Barker, director of professional services for data strategy with Alation, discusses the “House of Data,” including key concepts, stewardship roles, and data councils.

Leaning Into AI: Organizational Transformation

Now is the time for all businesses to begin exploring and adopting AI and applying it to organizational transformation. Here’s how to get started.

Scale Your Start-Up by Refining Your Data Strategy

Once you are ready for accelerated growth, continuing with the same data strategies can hold back your start-up.

Unlocking Efficiency and Privacy: Evan Levy’s Take on Data Strategy

Evan Levy, industry consultant, discusses changes he’s seen to developing a data strategy, its implications for data privacy, and his upcoming TDWI courses.

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