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Contributor: Bill Inmon

Bill Inmon has written 54 books published in 9 languages. Bill’s company -- Forest Rim Technology -- reads textual narrative and disambiguates the text and places the output in a standard data base. Once in the standard data base, the text can be analyzed using standard analytical tools such as Tableau, Qlikview, Concurrent Technologies, SAS, and many more analytical technologies. His latest book is Data Lake Architecture.

All articles by Bill Inmon

Don’t Let Your Data Lake Become a Swamp (Part 1 of 2)

How do you prevent your data lake from becoming a data dump? It’ll take a new set of infrastructures and technologies, especially one called textual disambiguation.

Understanding the Hype Curve

The hype curve goes a long way to explaining how a product goes from a theory to maturity.

How Narrative Text Limits Electronic Medical Records Analytics

Automated medical records left healthcare with a glass-half-full conundrum. Why is the world of medicine so slow to mature in terms of technology?

A Peek into the Future: The Next Wave of Data Warehousing

Data found in warehouses is mostly transaction-oriented -- data from repetitive activities that are an integral part of every organization's business. Bill Inmon and Geno Valente look at what's ahead: textual data.

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