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BI This Week

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Data Digest: Data Mashups, Toy Story 2 Disaster, and Data Modeling and Bias

A data disaster almost destroyed Toy Story 2, plus how to model data with and without bias, and getting the most from data mashups.

Data Digest: Making Data Glamorous, SaaS and Compliance, and Securing BYOD

How to make data sexy, plus securing employee data and keeping compliant with software-as-a-wervice.

Data Digest: Data Prep Vendors, When to Hire a Data Scientist, and Chasing Data Perfection

Data doesn't always have to be perfect, plus how to decide when your enterprise is ready for a data scientist and choosing the right self-service data-preparation vendor.

Data Digest: IoT's Goal, Enterprise Open Source, and Data Leak Protection

Makers of Internet-of-things products need to keep their goal in mind. Plus expanding use of open source in the enterprise and how to stop data leaks.

How to Become a Data-Driven Company

Driving your business into the future requires a cultural change. Becoming a data-driven organization takes time and a companywide commitment to infuse analytics into all operations, but the hard work can pay off.

Q&A: Analytics Ushers in New Era of Data-Driven Sales Management

Combine data from a compensation management system with the power of analytics, mix in the right algorithms, and you have a prescription for far more powerful sales performance management.

IoT Needs Analytics to be Relevant

Three important ways analytics can be an integral part of the Internet of things.

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