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BI This Week

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Data Storytellers: Making a Story Meaningful

Say "data story" to data people, and most say "visualization." Why, then, do observations of data storytelling by a Tableau co-founder and a second Tableau executive go beyond visualized data?

Data Digest: Data Science without Data Scientists, Object Store, Data Center Sites, and Limiting Shadow IT

Self-service data science can be achieved without a data scientist, plus pros and cons of object storage in the cloud versus in-house, locating your data center to survive data onslaughts, and limiting shadow IT.

Data Digest: Turning Data into Action, Automated Security Analysis, and Data Visualization Highlights

Case studies showing how big data can lead to enterprise advancements, why fully automated security analysis is impossible, and outstanding illustrations of well-done data visualization.

Data Digest: Data Classification Problems, Bias-Free Big Data, Creating Clean Data

Results of a survey is a wake-up call for enterprises, plus the connection between big data use and smart gambling, and creating and maintaining clean data.

Data Digest: Best Data Practices, Disaster Prep, Governance Beats Strategy

Articles focus on balancing privacy with sharing data, tips for preventing disasters, and why governance and management are more important than strategy.

Data Digest: Spoiled Data, Combining Databases, and the First 24 Hours After a Cyberattack

Spoiled data spoils you marketing efforts, plus improve data quality by combining multiple databases and what to do in the first 2 days after a cyberattack.

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