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BI This Week

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The Future of Search

Enterprise search in 2020 will have evolved from being your personal assistant to being your personal advisor.

Data Digest: Dealing with Big Data, Managing Project Teams, IoT is Personal

How can enterprises deal with the shear volume of big data? Plus articles from around the Web on project management and tying the Internet of things to your personal life.

Data Digest: Big Data in Healthcare, Risk Analytics, and More

Insurance risk analysis, ebola, and big data. Plus new VENOM virus and cloud computing and removing roadblocks to analytics adoption.

Data Digest: Big Data, In-Memory Computing, and More

Big data and security; in-memory computing; big data and video game tricks

Choosing the Right Data to Analyze

How do you know you're selecting the right data samples to investigate? The lucky and unlucky subjects of your study won't stay exceptional forever, a phenomenon known as regression to the mean. Alex Reinhart, a Carnegie Mellon University statistics instructor, explains the impact this observation has on your analytics results.

Are You Ready for Data-Driven Apps?

The latest entry in TDWI's "Checklist Reports" series tackles a particularly pertinent question: What does the term "data-driven" actually mean?

New Report Examines Enterprise Hadoop Adoption

A new report from TDWI Research tackles the burning question: what does it take to deploy, manage, and scale Hadoop in the enterprise?

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