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Data Digest: Big Data in Healthcare, Risk Analytics, and More

Insurance risk analysis, ebola, and big data. Plus new VENOM virus and cloud computing and removing roadblocks to analytics adoption.

Risk Analysis in Insurance is Easier than Ever with Big Data

Big data is commonly used by companies attempting to better understand their customers, but that is not the only function it can have. Data analysis could be used by insurance companies to predict fraud or other events.

Data Synchronization Tools Help Stop Crime in Palm Springs

Policemen in Palm Springs have had to fill out 56 forms for each incident they respond to until the utilization of SceneDoc, a data-syncing device that can upload each completed form to the cloud immediately for access by other officers. The technology saves paperwork, time, and lives. 

Poisoning the Cloud: Are Your Files Safe from Venom?

New security research reveals an easily exploited flaw in cloud-hosted networks. The vulnerability, nicknamed V.E.N.O.M., could be even worse than recent vulnerabilities heartbleed and shellshock.

How Retailers are Circumventing Analytics Adoption Roadblocks

There are many advantages to adopting a data analytics strategy for retail corporations, yet there are still plenty of companies opposed to such policies. This article shows two ways to get your company on the side of data analytics.

Could Ebola Have Been Thwarted by Big Data?

Big data is a great predictor of consumer behavior, that is no secret, but major untapped potential still exists. Namely, data analysis of cell phone activity in West Africa during the Ebola crisis could have given hospitals crucial data on where people were meeting and potentially spreading the disease. The phone companies with the important data kept it private, begging the question: should this data be private?

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