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BI This Week

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Data Digest: Big Data's ROI, Analytics Speed, and Gaining Consumer Trust

Why stream-based processing is more important than how much data you have, plus how to gain consumers' trust and why analytics speed is more important than the amount of big data you have.

Data Digest: Open-Source Databases, Self-Service IT, and Security Fundamentals

Why open source is a good option for enterprise databases, plus how to implement self-service into IT and why sticking to security fundamentals is smart.

Vendor M&A Considerations

What should your enterprise do once you hear of M&A activity?

Five Tips for Better Data Stories

Five things new, experienced, or aspiring data storytellers can do to make their stories compelling -- based on a year with data storytelling students, practitioners, and their accomplices.

Cloud Data Integration and the Role of REST

The writing's on the wall: the application infrastructures of the not-so-distant future will be largely REST-ified. This means on-premises IT resources will be augmented by RESTful middleware to expose them to other (internal and external) REST services

Data Digest: BI Scalablity, Big Data and Truth, Solving Security Staffing

Articles focus on building a deeper understanding of business intelligence scalability, how big data complicates the traditional "single version of the truth" mantra, and solving security staffing shortages internally.

Data Digest: Nate Silver and Using Data for Business, Picking a Data Center, and Telling Data Stories with Storyboards

Tips for professionals in data-driven businesses, plus factors to look for in a data center and telling big data stories effectively.

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