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Data Digest: Healthcare's Future with Data Analytics, Pest Control and the IoT, and Applying Big Data to Real Business Needs

A pest control service combines APIs and the Internet of Things to stay in the forefront of their industry. Plus implementing real-time, big data analytics in healthcare and six ways to utilize big data in any enterprise.

Applying Big Data to Real Business Needs
(Source: Information Week)

Big data can be hard to wrap your head around at times because of its large scope and how abstract the data may be. However, it is incredibly useful if put to the right tasks. Here are six ways to utilize big data in your enterprise.

Healthcare Embraces the Future with Data Analytics
(Source: Datanami)

Implementing real-time, big data analytics into healthcare would pave the way for innovation and efficiency in all fields of healthcare. However, there are major obstacles to this future: namely, security and data governance. If well-executed, healthcare data analytics might lead to a new, streamlined treatment process.


Pest Controllers Unite APIs, IoT for Innovation
(Source: Computer World UK)

Sometimes big data can seem like a pest. Thankfully, Rentokil, a pest control service, is on the case of harnessing the power of the IoT and APIs. Through implementation of both, the company has gone bi-modal almost by accident, keeping the company at the forefront of pest control technology.

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